Industry experience is our Greatest asset

We manage and oversee over half a million tonnes of cargo on behalf of our customers each year. Ranging from rare and speciality coffee to cocoa shipped and stored in either bags or bulk, sugar, metals to dried fruit and nuts. Over the years we have developed speciality knowledge in all the commodities we manage. Our team of commodity specialists will endeavour to protect the value of our customers’ products during shipping, handling, storage and distribution. With the willingness to invest in innovative and sustainable solutions, Commodity Centre will be the right partner to help you to safeguard your future.


Speciality Coffee

As a professional speciality coffee logistics expert, we understand the product and the importance of the optimum handling and storage conditions required to preserve the exceptional quality of your coffee.

Knowing the care and passion that has been put into cultivating the coffee at origin we only seek to continue in this vein.

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Green Coffee

With the ever-increasing rise of worldwide coffee consumption, we are scaled to be able to handle this important commodity in bulk volumes, whilst maintaining the quality through our bespoke handling systems. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 tonnes, we have a solution that will work for you.

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Cocoa is one of the very first products the CC handled when founded in 1992. Having over 30 years’ experience in the handling of cocoa our knowledge has only grown over this time. We now employ specialist technologies to carefully monitor key storage conditions to preserve the quality of your cargo.

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Experts in Sugar


Being one of the worlds most consumed commodities we offer specialised and bespoke handling and storage for both organic and non-organic products. We understand the intricacies of the conditions required to store sugar and have adapted our facilities to accommodate for this.

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We are the UK’s largest and most preferred storage facility for dried fruit, nuts, pulses and agricultural commodities. We have been handling these provides since our inception and have built a highly experienced team who understand the intricacies for the storage of the wide-ranging nature of these products. We have developed stringent procedures to ensure even the most difficult to handle commodities are kept in optimum condition.

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General Cargo

Operating in some of Europe’s largest ports we are accustomed to handling a vast array of general cargos from steel pipes to pigments to solar panels and machinery. Our homogeneous warehouse layouts and specialist equipment allow us to handle and store these products and redistribute for consumption or processing.

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Having handled our sister companies’ metals, Erus Metals Limited being an LME approved warehouse business there aren’t many metal products that we haven’t seen. We also have the specialist heavy machinery and equipment to handle from steel coils all the way down to ingots, briquettes and pellets and fine dust.

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Commodity Centre prides itself in being able to manage the entire process from ‘Farm to Processor’. We can arrange for cargo to be collected at origin and delivered to a container, then brought to the required destination to an intermediary holding warehouse. It is then transported when required to our customer’s processing plant for roasting and processing.

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Commodity Centre has years of experience in deep and short sea ocean export, import and cross trades. Working with all major and specialist carriers along with our highly experienced and dedicated Global Forwarding team, we are able to coordinate and administer shipments irrespective of their origin, destination or complexity. We have worked hard to build sustainable partnerships to provide competitive rates while ensuring your shipments are efficiently managed from the point of origin to final destination.

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Our customs services provided for imports and exports is available through direct computer links with all major European ports. We manage imports and removals from our own and third-party customs bonded warehouses. Our customs clearance departments in each location has expertise in various foodstuffs and has many years of experience dealing with all kinds of commodities from around the world. They can give thorough, pertinent and accurate advice on customs procedures, commodity codes and preferences. 

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With our strong background in handling a large variety of food items, we have developed an impeccable and professional relationship with Port Health Authorities. Our team understands the importance of submitting timely and accurate information, covering all products such as:
• CVED (Community Veterinary Entry Document) for Products of Animal Origin
• CED (Community Entry Document) for products of Non-Animal Origin
• Certificate of Organic Inspection.

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Our network of hauliers enables us to offer competitive pallet delivery rates for next day or economy bookings. Our European distribution network is widespread and covers mainland and Eastern Europe, as well as Scandinavia. We offer comprehensive full load, part load, groupage and express services for collection or delivery to and from any European destination. We offer container haulage from all our hubs as well as rail movements from all main rail freight depots.

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Commodity Centre manage multiple quayside Stevedore activities. Productivity and safe working environments paramount to operations. In Antwerp we operate over three different quays which can accept vessels from barges to coasters and mega bulk vessels. In Amsterdam we operate a single quay adjacent to our market leading cocoa terminal allowing efficient unloading of cocoa beans into the warehouse.

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Understanding the product that we are entrusted to warehouse is paramount to managing the quality aspects of your precious cargo. From targeted maintenance schedules, using the latest technology in humidity and temperature control, to the regular sampling and analysis to determine quality. We also use new and innovative technologies to reduce the number of handling events and therefore mitigating any quality deterioration during storage.

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The Commodity Centre’s Technical Services (TS) department offers a comprehensive sampling and inspection service, including infestation inspections, insect identification, sieving, berry/cap stem counts, kernel count, intake inspections, quality inspections and sampling to EU specifications, among others. Our laboratory facility broadens the groups testing capabilities, including moisture content, free fatty acid (FFA) & peroxide value testing on various products. Other laboratory tests available are Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Acrylamide, Pesticides & Caffeine.

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Warehousing is our core activity and has been the cornerstone of our organisation for over 30 years. Across 3,500,000 square feet of mixed storage we offer bonded, bulk, racked and temperature controlled solutions. Our certifications include an Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) licence to store coffee and cocoa, New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) for arabica coffee and a London Metal Exchange (LME) licence to store metals. At all our locations we offer ample outside storage as well for products such as steel, bricks and timber.

Our warehousing is multi accredited, with the UK holding BCR 'AA' certification. We are also Organic Certified in both the UK (OFF) and Antwerp (TUV NORD) and hold Rainforest Accreditation in the UK for Warehouse and Distribution.

Ongoing investment in new technologies and equipment ensures that we remain at the forefront of our industry and so in the best position to deliver the best service to our customers.


The design of the terminal allows for maximum efficiency as beans are moved from the container pit directly to the warehouses via belts for containers and direct from the vessel to the pen for Megabulk. Barge loading is also completed using high capacity belts direct from the warehouse to the barges. This allows Bulk carrier trucks to be loaded in any weather condition without entering the warehouse


• 30,000 sqm2 of warehousing
• Products stored: coffee, cocoa, dried fruits & nuts and metals & general cargo
• Special Services: silo trucking, intermodel, bulk storage, bonded storage,
• Adjacent to the two main container terminals serving 80% of the major container lines
• Barge loading and unloading on terminal
• Immediate proximity to Terminals HCT and USA – the future in Amsterdam


Vlissingen site is ideally situated close to a major European ports, offering warehousing for soft commodities, cocoa and coffee. The Commodity Centre has the capability to store and handle a range of commodities in this region, offering a flexible and adaptable service.

VLISSINGEN – Fully integrated WMS

• 20,000sqm2 of warehousing
• Geographical Advantage
• Unique location allowing for maximisation of logistical efficiencies with sole intention of preserving quality of the bean
• Products stored: metals and general cargo

Our Antwerp site, situated on the Port’s Right Bank, has 100,000 sq m of warehousing space, and with forwarding operations and quayside facilities is equipped to handle cargoes for clients that have their own vessels.

As a major European hub for coffee and cocoa, Antwerp is ideally situated for onward distribution to mainland Europe. Our site is placed in close proximity to road and rail links, providing a fast and efficient onward service for distribution to the Netherlands, France, Germany and the rest of mainland Europe.

We are equally well situated for general cargo, which arrive from mainland Europe for onward distribution and shipping across the world.

Our Antwerp operation provides 4PL services, customs clearance, import & export services, and basic technical services.

In Antwerp we deal with cocoa, coffee, dried fruit & nut, sugar and general cargo.



Inbound sampling per individual customer requirements including sampling to UK and EU specification:

  • Berry/capstem counts, kernel counts
  • Nut sieving to check for quality, quantity as well as shell, septa, size and grade where required
  • Cocoa-bean inspection and cut test to check for quality in line with the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC) rules
  • Infestation inspection and pest identification
  • Tests to identify toxins, including Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and Accrylamide
  • Analysis of Pesticides and Heavy Metals
  • Testing for Caffeine and PV/ FFA

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Our pest infestation procedures are strictly documented and designed to restrict contamination on site. Fumigation chambers are sensibly sited at unloading bays so that goods arriving on site are checked and quarantined if found infested. Detailed inspection continues through the season and a rigorous fogging and management programme has been implemented to minimise further chances of infestation.

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    We can re-palletise goods to accommodate customers individual requirements including cocoa and coffee re-bagging into 25 kg and 60kg jute bags and 1,000 kg FIBC bags. Our reliable and highly efficient pre-cleaning service removes foreign material such as wood, paper, stones and strings to ensure that your raw material is in prime condition prior to entering further processing or packing facilities.

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      We also offer a reliable and highly efficient pre-cleaning service suitable for the removal of foreign material such as wood, paper, stones and strings to ensure that your raw material is in prime condition prior to entering further processing or packing facilities.

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        We take pride in our role of providing sustainable supply chains and where possible we limit the impact we have on the environment. We can offer Carbon Footprint studies of your current and proposed supply chains to promote the positive impact we deliver to your supply chain.

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          CASE STUDIES
          We’re proud to showcase a select few of our recent projects. These Case Studies offer an insight into how we apply our experience, Innovation, Sustainability and Agility to help and support our clients.
          JDE UK & IRELAND
          JDE UK & Ireland was looking to partner with a sector specialist to optimise their UK supply chain, whilst improving stock availability and reducing port costs.
          Community Foods needed to find a supply chain partner to support their manufacturing, processing and packing facility with logistics services.