Working closely with this global, field to plate, agri-business, we constructed a bespoke quayside terminal in Amsterdam, specifically designed to preserve the quality of cocoa beans; allowing for quality segregation; and powered entirely by green energy. We are currently constructing a similar mega bulk terminal adjacent to this site.


Olam International is a leading food and agri-business, supplying food ingredients, feed and fibre to thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from multi-national organisations with world famous brands to small family run businesses.

Having worked with Olam for over 25 years, there was an excellent understanding between the two businesses. Our drive to improve quality and innovate into new technologies and ways of working; coupled with sustainability programmes and the use of data analytics to manage stocks, fitted Olam’s goals exactly and jointly developed our solution. Leveraging on the back of this special relationship we are developing an ultra-modern terminal for the future.



Commodity Centre and its senior team have over 100 years of experience in cocoa handling. Literally starting with a blank sheet of paper we had an extraordinary opportunity to re-imagine cocoa bulk storage. By combining all of our knowledge, and using innovation to solve problems, we delivered a world beating bulk cocoa storage solution.
  • Development of a new quayside terminal.
  • Gated access site, adjacent to the largest container terminal in port.
  • Automated container weighing processes.
  • Bulk product handled using centrally controlled belts, powered by green energy.
  • Maximum traceability of bulk down to the granular container level.
  • The use of cutting edge data analytics to manage complex algorithms on stock allocation and handling.
  • Better maintenance of bean quality by minimising handling operations to ensure less breakages with reduced flavour loss.


At the outset, Olam’s brief was threefold; cost efficiency, sustainability and quality. We applied our knowledge and proprietary Warehouse Management System to achieve the brief and the client’s expectations.
  • A new bespoke terminal, fitted-out to the highest quality requirements.
  • Significant reduction in logistics cost owing to terminal location.
  • Significant reduction in carbon footprint; from transport reduction to sole usage of green energy.
  • Frictionless access to granular, live data analytics and business intelligence.
  • Higher throughput of cargo and better warehouse utilisation, owing to smaller stock segregation and separation of qualities.
  • Bean quality is maintained by reduced handling procedures, with less fragmentations and subsequent loss of flavour.
  • Long-term supply chain stability.